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safe and reliable.

CoinPark is a quantitative wealth management wallet under CoinPark Exchange. It is committed to building a world-class blockchain asset trading platform and creating a community consensus and win-win trading platform for global users. CoinPark takes quantification as its core feature. The fully automatic program does not require excessive behavioral costs for users. Users can choose different quantitative products, and you can see the detailed introduction of each quantitative strategy. CoinPark provides users with personalized choices. Users can choose different quantitative robots according to their own needs and obtain stable income. CoinPark adheres to the principle of user first and pursues the ultimate user operation experience.

Broad business scope, creating a win-win ecosystem.

Digital asset management

CoinPark does its best to provide users with more diversified digital asset wealth management products to meet the diverse wealth management needs of users.

Safe custody, transfer and transaction of digital assets

CoinPark closely connects the custody business with the trading business, making it easy for users to switch when using the platform.

Loan management

CoinPark has an inherent advantage in providing digital asset mortgage lending services to existing users.

DApp borderless access

As a medium for DApp application login and transaction authorization, CoinPark integrates various types of DApps in the market to meet users' strong demand for DApps.

Broad business scope, creating a win-win ecosystem.


Safe custody and trading of digital assets

CoinPark supports the storage and circulation of more than 100 mainstream digital currencies in the global market such as BTC, ETH, USDT, ETC, LTC, DOGE, etc. Users can host and trade digital assets in CoinPark.


AI quantitative investment robot

The intelligent quantitative investment robot is fully integrated with big data, AI technology and oracle machines, and uses various quantitative strategies to help users profit.


Futures and Options Investment

Futures and options, as financial derivatives, provide users with opportunities to make money and hedge current investment risks.


Fixed income financing

After purchasing a fixed-income wealth management product, regular wealth management income settlement is carried out according to the agreed settlement date, and it can be retrieved or renewed when it expires.


Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool

LBP enables token value discovery to be completed more smoothly, allows all participants to compete fairly, and creates a fair and open trading environment.


Staking pledge mining

By entrusting tokens to participate in mining and voting, users can obtain high income rewards on average.


Digital asset mortgage loan

Provide fiat currency loans (e.g. U.S. dollars) to crypto asset owners who use crypto-backed loans to bring additional liquidity to blockchain assets to meet the needs of individuals and institutions holding crypto assets.


DApp browser

Users can directly access various financial and game DApps in the wallet without boundaries, truly realizing the effect of "one entrance, global participation, and unlimited income" for users.

A variety of quantitative strategies to provide stable income

Quantitative Hedging Strategy

The AI quantitative investment robot uses the price difference of different platforms/ different periods/different currencies to execute one buy and one sell for arbitrage. Huge profits can be obtained in a short period of time through arbitrage hedging strategy.

Trend Strategy

Track market trends through data collection and analysis, capture industry data through oracles, build trend quantitative databases, and obtain huge profits through various analysis methods.

Grid Strategy

Buy low and sell high, and earn spreads through volatile trading.

Martingale Strategy

Use the principle of double betting to double bet after losing until the principal is returned with profit.

Flexible Covering Strategy

According to the needs of users, it can flexibly carry out the proportioning investment of the replenishment period and the replenishment amount.

Quantitative financial management to achieve wealth freedom

AI intelligent robots support quantitative financial management of digital assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT,BNB,TRX. The following table shows the monthly and daily yields of USDT under different commission periods.

Specifically, taking the principal of $3,000 entrusted for 360 days as an example, the daily yield is about 2%, that is, $60. It netted about $1,800 a month, with a return of more than 700% over a full cycle of 360 days, or more than $21,000. The entrusted income is issued hourly, directly to the wallet account, which you can use and withdraw at any time. When the trust expires, the principal will be automatically returned to your wallet account.

You can also participate in the promotion mining activities launched by CoinPark to get rich rewards. For example, if you invite a friend to join, Entrust 1000 dollars to participate in the 180-day cycle, and the cycle income is 2880-3240. You can get 10% of his income, that is, 288-324 dollars.If your friends also invite new friends to join, according to the following profit scale, you will soon be able to achieve financial freedom!

Complete technical architecture support

  • 01. Multi-public chain hybrid architecture

    Integrate multi-public chain architecture to build a decentralized trading system ecology, build a multi-chain parallel model of transaction chain, contract chain and business chain, and realize information exchange between dual main chains through cross-chain technology.

  • 02. Cross-chain protocol

    The COINPARK CROSS cross-chain protocol adopts a four-layer structure: network layer, market liquidity, settlement layer, and application layer.

  • 03. Layer 2

    On top of the existing blockchain system, adding Layer 2 improves the performance of the Ethereum network (layer 1), enabling it to achieve high throughput without sacrificing network security, capable of executing hundreds or even thousands of executions per second transaction.

  • 04. Wallet interface and scalability

    CoinPark facilitates secure connections between user wallets and any DApp through the Wallet interface.

  • 05. Threshold Signature (TSS)

    Based on multi-party secure calculation, the keys of multiple shards are used to perform (transaction) signatures in turn to generate the final valid signature. It fully guarantees the security of users' digital assets.

  • 06. MPC & SGX

    CoinPark draws on Fireblocks' MPC and chip isolation technology wallet solutions to ensure the safe holding and transfer of users' digital assets.

DAO governance and community ecology

After accumulating energy for a long time,take advantage of the situation to set sail

CoinPark seizes the development opportunity of decentralized finance, moves forward with energy, and gradually develops into a quantitative strategy wealth management wallet for the global community, which protects account security in multiple dimensions and strictly protects the security of user assets, and the CoinPark system can process millions of transactions per second. High-level transaction frequency, ensure high transaction efficiency, and use a variety of quantitative strategies to ensure high returns for users. In the future, it plans to transform to decentralization, which has broad development prospects.

Strong background
strong strength

As an innovative professional digital asset trading service platform, CoinPark integrates one-stop financial services such as currency trading, leveraged trading, OTC, lending and financing, and contract trading. Its founding core personnel are from Wall Street, Google, Microsoft and other internationally renowned companies , the entire team is committed to providing users with efficient, safe and fast cryptocurrency asset management services from an international perspective and a global concept. In the world of blockchain, digital exchanges and wallets are constantly integrating. CoinPark Exchange has launched the CoinPark Wallet to meet users' storage needs and mobile transaction needs for digital assets.

Integrate and open up,and build an ecology together.

CoinPark has received strong support from investment institutions such as Bibox, and has gained an influence that cannot be ignored. It is working hard to make digital asset dividends spread all over the world.

In the future, CoinPark will also seize the development opportunities in the digital age and promote business innovation in the digital age!

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